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Breakfast, lunch 

brunch & dinner 

Situated in the centre of the Latin Quater, Loulou is a cheerful australian inspired café and restaurant. Loulou prides itself on offering fresh and tasty produce and homemade dishes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Ask our friendly staff about all of our vegetarian and gluten free options !    

Get your juices flowing

Kick starting your day with a fresh organic fruit and vegetable juice boosts digestion and revitilises and remineralises your body. 

The juices at Loulou are made using a hydraulic cold press. This technique helps to maintain all the precious enzymes and minerals found in our fruits and veggies that are so good for us !




No wonder cold pressed juices are our new superfood favourite ! 


Very special coffee 

Our coffee is specially chosen by 'Les Ateliers Coutume' who work hand in hand with ethical and engaged fair trade coffee farmers. Our 'special blend' is both seasonal and regional.


The café is torrified on request so as to guarantee maximum freshness and flavour.


Our trained baristas work hard every day to make you the perfect coffee, so you can indulge in a unique coffee experience.


Our home cold-pressed almond milk is also available to accompany any of your favourite hot

beverages. Almond milk is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that will help kick start your

day !

All day service, 

everyday of the year 

Enjoy a delicious signature cocktail on our sunny terrasse overlooking the Cluny gardens, or a craft beer and a homemade hummus !

Continue your evening with one of our many tasty dishes : grilled prime rib, fresh ceviche, a crunchy club sandwich, a juicy burger or a vitamin packed salad.

 The Loulou kitchen is open all day, every day and offers brunch on weekends and public holidays.